Bài 1: Chào mừng - Phần 4 - Thì hiện tại đơn (có Script)

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Silvia, where does your best friend live?

He lives near my parents. He lives in Rarajevo. He's a student too.

Allright. Very good.


Anna, does your father like his job?

He works for the Central Barcelona. He doesn't like his job. He always works, he doesn't have a lot of money.

Ok, he doesn't like his job.


Silvia, does your mother like to cook?

Yes, she likes to cook. She's a good cook. My father is a good cook. I'm a good cook.

Well, maybe I can come to your house for dinner.


Alberto, do your grandparents travel?

No, they are older. They stay at home.



Anna, do you exercise?

Yes, I exercise with my cousin. My mother exercises, my father doesn't. He has a bad back.

Oh, I'm sorry.


Allright, very good answer everyone.


Now, it's time to look and listen:

Jane's sister doesn't smoke cigarettes.

Tom's cousing works at the department store.

We don't have a present for your aunt's new baby.

My sister has a new job.


Read & repeat:


Now let's practise. I will write 3 sentences and I want you to fill in blanks. Here are my sentences.

My cousin is..............

My parents are.............

My uncle isn't.............


Allright, Silvia you go first, fill in the 3 sentences.

Here are my sentences:

My cousin is a nurse.

My parents are happy today.

My uncle isn't a politician.

Very good Silvia.


Alberto, I hope you can think of 3 excellent sentences like Silvia. First one:

My cousin is thin.

My parents are always right.

My uncle isn't at work.


Allright, last but not least, Anna. Let's hear your 3 sentences. First one:

My cousin is beautiful.

My parents are at work.

My uncle isn't boring.


Allright, very good everyone. Ok thank you. Let's try another exercise. I will give you more example and you fill in the verb To Be.

My brother.........always at school.


Allright, Anna. You go first:

That's easy.

My brother is always at school.



Next example:

Al's sister.....never late but her parents....always late.

So you have 2 blanks to fill. Alberto, can you do this one please?

Al's sister is never late but her parents are always late.


Very good. Wonderfull. One more.

That....my dog. It's my friend's dog.

Silvia. This's for you.

That's easy.

That isn't my dog. It's my friend's dog.


Very good. Good job everyone.


Now let's practise using our numbers. I will give each of you 3 numbers. I want you to spell the number first then tell us the ordinal number and spell it. Here is an example:

22   = twenty two

22nd = twenty second


Silvia, can you please do the numbers 9 12 and 31?

Here are my numbers.

9 = nine

9th = ninth

12 = twelve

12th = twelfth

31 = thirty one

31st = thirty first


Here is one more exercise using ordinal numbers. Ok, watch carefully. Fill in the blank using ordinal numbers:

Christmas is on the ........ of December.


This time Anna, you go first.

Christmas is on the 25th of December.

That's correct. Good job.


Alberto. Do you have Easter in Italy?

Of course we do. It's very important.

Ok, good.

Easter is on the ........... of April.

This year Easter is on the 11th of April. It's not always on the same day.



Good job everyone using your numbers.


Now, let's look at some examples using possessive adjectives. Ok, complete the sentences with possessive adjectives.


Alberto. This is your sentence.

Jeanette is with ..... husband, Tom.

Can you please complete this sentence?

Yeah, that's simple.

Jeanette is with her husband, Tom.



Diane and William are with ..... mother, Anita.


Diane and William are with their mother, Anita.



Here are more examples to practise the simple present.

Ok Anna, this is your question.

Michael always ...... his homework.

Michael always does his homework.

Good. Ok.


I usually .......my teeth before I go to bed.

This is for you Silvia.

I usually brush my teeth before I go to bed.



Ok. The last one is for Alberto.

A policeman ........ a police car.


A policeman drives a police car.


Great job everyone. Thank you.


Now, it is time to listen and write:

My uncle's birthday is on the second of April.

His brother is always happy.

Let's go to the beach with her cousins.

Our birthdays are in 3 months.

She doesn't have a job.

Allright, now check your work.


Now, read the story an answer the question:

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