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WaitingforForever - 02/04/2012 11:42

post lên mà chẳng có tác dụng gì thì học như thế nào, ko có sub, ko có script..............@@ người nghe dc người ko. pó tay

WaitingforForever - 02/04/2012 11:59

12 Things I Wish My Students Knew [Get Organized] Part 3                ( phần (.....) ko nghe dc mong mọi người ai cao tay giúp mình)



The first thing I need to tell, it's Get Organized

Sometimes people ......organize, is it. That's affect their hole life and the specialy to learning, you wast more times when you are disorganized, member systems are like a little main fail in that , oh when you put something in, you know where to go looking in another to bring the back out, you can remember pave the textbook.... And you know exactly what you would looking to re.... that information there is an pond, someone  talk me is  it, that's " cram it in, cram it in, there is still more to follow, cram it in, cram it in , the student's head is hollow"  there is member system can help you organize your bring but also on getting organize, this is very important : it is good to help partner for every course you go to, you have a ..... and in that .....you got a ...to given, you got little places for you can stick hand up  ....and you need one partner for every course, now you may say wow " that  mean that's carrying a lot of partners around...from course to course to course" wow, what you can do from one partner from course to course and in the evening take the ....

Now, that jouney, I carry one with you but you have the ...you want at home. It is absolutely the best way to be organized

It is good to have folder maybe for certain courses with thing you may want to put in but being organized, it's one of the most have full thing for you to get better smart and I would....

WaitingforForever - 02/04/2012 12:00

bài này mà cho vào mục người mới học hơi cao quá nhỉ

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