Learn English Through Movies - Lesson 12 - Vocabulary

Learn English Through Movies Shawshank Redemption LESSON. These ESL lessons and quizzes focus on English vocabulary and common English phrases, but can be ... VOCABULARY FOCUS 1 REDEMPTION - (n) something given or to make up for a past error, regaining, to be saved from 2 EVIDENCE - (n) (legal term) proof, information or object to establish fact (e.g. legal investigation) 3 HOT-BLOODED - (adj) strong often uncontrolled emotion or anger 4 VESTED IN ME - (v) (formal, legal) given to m

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* Bạn vui lòng ĐĂNG NHẬP trước để có thể tham gia bình luận. Nếu chưa có tài khoản, xin vui lòng ĐĂNG KÝ.