Bài 1: Chào mừng - Phần 1 - Động từ TO BE trong thì hiện tại (có Script)

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Lesson 1: Welcome!

Hello, welcome to level 2. Today, we will review some of the things we learned in level 1. We will preview TO BE in the present tense. Then, we will preview curdinal and ordinal numbers. Next, we will preview possessive adjectives. Finally, we will preview the simple present tense.


At first, let's introduce ourselves. My name is Nicole Jones. Nicole Jones this is my name. Now, I would like to know your names.


Hello, what is your name?

My name is Silvija Petroka.

Nice to meet you Silvija.


Hello, what is your name?

My name is Anna Rodriguez.

Nice to meet you Anna.


And hello, what is your name?

My name is Alberto Rchiona.


Nice to meet you assistants. Now, I will ask you one more question.


Where are you from Silvija?

I'm from Sarajevo. Sarajevo is in Bonia but I live in Bonn, Germany.

Very good.


And Anna, where are you from?

I am from Seville. That's in Spain. My parents live in Barcelona now. I am Spanish.

Great, two beautiful cities.


Now, Alberto where are you from?

I am from a small village. It is near Rome. I am Italian.

Very good. Nice to meet you all and welcome. Now, it's time for a look and listen.


Verb: TO BE

Allright, let's begin our lesson with the preview of the verb To BE. We use the verb To Be in sentences that give information. For example, we can say:

Jerry is a doctor.

His father's name is Bob.

They are from Chicago.

We are happy today.


So let's take a look of our examples.


Look at the chart that we learned in level 1:


Allright, very good. Now, let's practise:


Anna, where is Silvija from?

I'm not sure. I think she's from Bosnia.

Wher dose she live?

She lives in Bonn.

Very good.



Alberto, where are Anna's parents from?

They're from Seville.

Yes, you are right.


Silvija, how many people are here now?

There are 3 people here.


Opps! There are 4.

Ah..ok..very good. Thank you everyone.


Now, we also need to talk about the Negative form of the verb To BE. Remember there are 2 ways to write the negative in some cases. We have to use ISN'T or AREN'T. Now for some examples:

The policemen aren't here today.

Abigail isn't here today.

Peter's aunt isn't happy.

Tom's grandmother isn't Italian.

Now, let's preview these examples.


Allright, let's practise the negative form of the verb To Be:


Anna, is Silvija your sister?

No, she isn't. She is my near friend.

Very good.


Silvija, are you Spanish?

No, I'm not. I'm Bosnian.

Thank you.


Silvija, are Alberto and Anna your parents?

No, of course. They're not.


Allright, now you ask the questions. Silvija, you start.

Teacher, are you American?

Yes, I am.


Now, Anna.

Silvija, are you happy today?

Yes, I am.


And Alberto.

Anna, are you hungry?

Yes, I am.

Ok, let's have lunch.


Later, we have work to do.

Great job everyone. Now we can ask questions for more informations by beginning the question with IS or ARE. Remember when I asked Silvija:

Are you Spanish?

I also ask Silvija:

Are Alberto and Anna your parents?


Allright, let's look at the monitor to remember how to form the questions and remember there are 2 ways to form a negative answer.


Allright, now let's practise.


Anna, you ask Alberto a question.

Alberto, are you a student?

Yes, I am.


Good. Now, Alberto, ask Silvija a question.

Silvija, are you a volleyball player?

No, I'm not. I'm a tennis player.


Great. Now, Silvija, you aks Anna a question.

Anna, are we happy?

Yes, we are.


Wonderful. I'm glad you all so happy.


Now I'm happy to tell you it's time to look and listen:

I am Tilly's niece.

Agatha is his aunt.

Jeremy and Courtney are doctors in the hospital.

She isn't my best friend.



Allright, now let's preview Cardinal & Ordinal numbers. First, let's look at Cardinal Numbers again. So we have some examples:

Paul has 9 uncles.

My grandfather is 82 years old.

She has 14 nephews.

I will buy a new doll for my cousin.

Allright, now let's preview these examples.

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