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Freud once said that jealousy is both inevitable and universal. So why not work it to your advantage?


To complete this How-To you will need:

An object of your affection
A healthy ego
And an air of innocence


Step 1: Focus on yourself. Nothing is more attractive (and jealousy-inducing) than being busy, happy, and interested in your own life.


Step 2: In the interest of "full disclosure," tell your current love interest—in a slightly wistful way—about the incredibly talented and well-toned professional soccer player you used to date.


Step 3: Develop some attitude. If you think you're fabulous, everyone else will too—and your mate will go crazy seeing the response you get.

Tip: Always have a smile on your face. No one is jealous of a sourpuss.


Step 4: Act unavailable. Don't answer every phone call or respond to every text message; don't accept every invitation; be vague about your whereabouts.


Step 5: Flirt with someone you know will respond. Everyone likes to think their partner is desirable—even if it makes them feel a little insecure.


Step 6: Don't go too far with any of these steps, lest your innocent acts be taken for crass manipulation. Like any strong spice, jealousy should be used sparingly.


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