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I bought a Christmas tree.

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This year I decided to get into the Christmas spirit and buy a christmas tree. My tree's name is Dwarf Albertiana Spruce. It cost 11.99.I also bought some potting mix from the supermarket. I poured the potting mix into a pot on my balcony. Then I took the tree out of its little plastic pot and loosened the roots and and I planted it. Then it was time to decorate the tree. My decorations were all too big for the tree ... so I decided to pin them around the pot instead. And then I leaned Santa against the tree. He's almost as tall as the tree. The Christmas madness didn't stop there. I also hung up some string to display the Christmas card I got from New Zealand post. And I even hung up some Christmas lights. Later on I went to an event where they had a massive Christmas tree. It was all right. Not as cool as mine though.

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