Lễ hội Niseko Utari 2009 (có script)

In February we went to a music event called Niseko Utari Festival. I had a great time ... and became a huge Cro-Magnon fan :) Thanks to konnichiwa-japan for ...

Nội dung video

Last winter I went to an event in Niseko called the Niseko Utari Festival.
The first part of the event was held at a venue in Hirafu called The Northern Fox.

The Northern Fox has two floors.
Upstairs they were selling stuff like T-shirts.
And there was a van outside selling green curry.

The band that played first was called 3.

Next up was a band called Charaves.

The next band was Feeler.

And then it was Cro-Magnon.

We talked to one of the guys from Cro-Magnon outside after he played.

And how was tonight's gig?

It was good, it was great, yeah. I felt that people in there ... all got together. We played at Zepp Sapporo last night. And that was a great party and the place was huge. And the tension of the people was more able to feel ... here, close to each other, so that was good.

The second part of the event was held at a place called Be in Kutchan.
It was a great night.

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