Steve Jobs tại lễ tốt nghiệp Stanford 2005 (phụ đề tiếng Việt) - P1.

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gacondalon21000030 - 16/05/2012 21:06

steve jobs is person i admired after ho chi minh president, steve jobs have many character which need to learn for many people, especially for me, he have a desired change him life, and now day, he had done it, he death 2 years ago, but which he had spent for later generaion is very big ang forget, a technologist platform have chane all the world, some time i sit down i my lobby,inspiration have turn over,i think many think, why did he can? he is a person, i also a person but why do i different him?  .....

Lê Phạm Diễm Phương - 29/12/2012 20:04


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