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The finger whistle may seem difficult, but with a little practice, anyone can master it.

To complete this How-To you will need:

Clean fingers
A mouth
A mirror


Step 1: Position fingers

Form a U shape with your thumb and forefinger or middle finger.

Tip: Use a mirror to perfect your form and technique.


Step 2: Place in mouth

Place your fingers partly inside your mouth, wrapping your lips tightly across your teeth. Only the outer edges of your lips should be visible.

Tip: Angle fingertips toward the center of your tongue.


Step 3: Position tongue

Flatten your tongue to cover the bottom portion of your mouth. The tip of your tongue will touch the lower jaw just behind the bottom row of teeth.


Step 4: Blow

Inhale deeply and blow forcefully across the top of your tongue and lower lip. Push your fingers downward and outward, onto your lips and teeth.


Step 5: Adjust positions

Adjust the position of your fingers, tongue, and jaw for optimal whistling. Regulate the force of air for maximum effect and volume.


Step 6: Practice

Practice regularly until your desired whistle is achieved.


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