Cách lấy Nước ra khỏi Lỗ tai - How to Get Water Out of Your Ear

Get water out of your ear with these steps.

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Don't feel like you're underwater when you get out of your pool or tub. Get your ears crystal clear after swimming or taking a bath.


You Will Need

Towel or tissue


White vinegar

Rubbing alcohol

Medicine dropper



Step 1: Dry earDry your ear with a towel or tissue.

Do not use a cotton swab to dry your ear.


Step 2: Tilt your headTilt your head to the side with the plugged ear.


Step 3: Pull lobePull your ear lobe downward to allow the water to drain out.


Step 4: Use a blow dryerHold a blow-dryer a few inches from your plugged ear. Put it on the lowest setting and turn it on, but be careful to not burn your skin.


Step 5: Mix a solutionMix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a medicine dropper and drip a few drops into the ear.


Step 6: Consult a doctorConsult and seek treatment from a doctor if the problem persists.


Ear infections are among the most common illnesses for young children.

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