Bài 1: Phim Kinh dị - Phần 1 - Từ vựng, thì hiện tại đơn, thì hiện tại tiếp diễn (có Script)

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Welcome to the first lesson for English for you level 3. My name is Chris, if you saw level 1 and 2 you might remember me as Sam. But we have 3 new assistants for this level. Let's get them to introduce themselves.


Hello. My name is Monica. I'm from Poland. I'm 22 years old. I love skiing and cooking.

Thank you Monica.


Hi, my name is Louis. I'm 21 years old. I'm from Moscow and I love football very much.

Thank you Louis.


Ok. I am Rosa. I am from Mexico. I'm 20 years old. I love to dance and listen to music.

Ok. Thank you our new assistants.


Wow, first we must learn some new vocabularies. Today's subect is horror films. These are films that make us scare or frighten us.

A ghost -> A ghost is a spirit of a death person. Some people think that they can see ghost and they usually live in hunted houses.

A monster  -> A monster is a large frightening creature. It is usually imaginary. Frankentein is a monster.

A vampire -> A vampire is a bad kind of monster that drinks people's blood. Vampire don't like garlic, the sun or crosses and vampire can change to bat.

A witch -> A witch is a woman who has magic powers and she uses them to do bad things to people. She usually rides on a broom and she can make magic drinks which is called potions.

A werewolf -> A werewolf is a man who can turn into a wolf.

A seance -> A seanse is a metting where people try to talk to ghosts.

A cemetery -> A cemetery is a place where death people are barried.


So let's go over all these once again. We have a ghost, a monster, a vampire, a witch, a werewolf, a seance and a cemetery.


Well today we're going to review verb tenses. We're reviewing the verb tenses we learned in level 1 & 2.

And these verb tenses are the Simple Present, Present Continuous "will, going to", Simple Past, Past Continous and Present Perfect.

Let's start with the Simple Present.

I always go to horror films.

A wicth rides a broom.

John believes in ghosts.


So the Present Simple describes events which happen regularly.

So "I always go to the horror films". The Simple Present make statement affect.

"A witch rides a broom". Or "Saturday comes after Friday".

And we can also use the Present Simple to express an opinion. "John believes in ghosts". "My favorite game is Ruby".

The negative of the Present Simple is:

I don't always go to horror films.

A witch doesn't ride a broom.

John doesn't believe in ghots.


And just know that the third person John is not believed. It John doesn't believe.


Yes – No question using the Simple Present can begun Do or Does. I just clean the board.

Do you always go to horror films?

Does a witch ride a broom?

Does John believe in ghosts?


Again remember third person so he or John. Here is the "s", not "believes". Does John believe in ghosts?

Well, let's pratise these.

Rosa, do you believe in ghosts?

Don't be silly. There aren't any kinds of ghosts.

Really. Ok. Monica, how often do you watch horror films?

I often watch horror film. I love them very much. They're exciting.

Thank you. Louis, does a vampire like the sun?

No, he doesn't. He sleeps when sunny, he awakes at night.

Good job. Now it's time to look and listen.

Marie loves to wear a werewolf costume on Halloween.

Ken thinks there is a ghost under his bed.

Raymond never goes to the cinema if there is a horror film playing.

Casper is a friendly ghost.


Now let's review the Present Continuos and this is also call Present Progressive. Here is some examples.

The witch is reding a broom.

"Dracula" is playing at that theater next week.

The boys are waling in the cemetery.

The mad scientist is making a monster.


So the Present Continuos can describe actions that are taking place at the moment or right now.

For example:

The mad scientist is making a monster. He's making the monster now.

They can also be used to describe activities in the future.

"Dracular" is playing at that theatre next week. Next week is in the future so this tell us about future.


The negarive forms are:

The witch isn't riding a broom.

The boys aren't walking in the cemetery.


Now remember some verbs call non-action or stative verbs are rarely used in the Present Continuos. We don't

usually use them. Some of these verbs are:

To love -> We don't usually say I am loving. We just I love.

To feel -> Again we don't say I am feeling. Just I feel.

Another example is To need -> For example I need a drink of water.


Ok let's practise. Louis, can you look at this picture and tell me a sentece about it?

Ok. Frankenstein is lying on the bed.


Wonderful. Rosa, can you give me another sentence?

Sure. Frankenstein isn't running.


That's good. Monica, another sentence?

The people are looking at Frankenstein.


Great. Thank you very much veryone.

Now it's looking and listening time:

The monster is chasing the dog.

Those people aren't going to the horror film tonight.

The wich is making a potion.

Lana is sitting in front of the theater because she loves horror films.


Now, let's review the Future Tense:

I will go to the horror film with you tomorrow.

Jim is going to draw a picture of a witch.

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