Cách làm Đồ trang trí Giáng sinh đơn giản - How to Make 5 Easy Handmade Christmas Ornaments (có script)

Make memories and spread holiday cheer with these easy Christmas ornaments.

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Make memories and spread holiday cheer with these easy Christmas ornaments.


You Will Need

Craft supplies


Paper doilies

Ornament hooks

Christmas-themed cookie cutters

Styrofoam balls

Canning lidsFamily photos

And wire ribbonDigital photocopier (optional)


Step 1: Make lacy snowflakesPunch a hole at the top of a lacy paper doily. Thread a small length of narrow ribbon through the hole and tie a knot at the ends. Hang several on the Christmas tree for a frosty effect.

Hang transparent ornaments near a tree light for a dramatic effect.



Step 2: Hang cookie cuttersTie a loop of ribbon around Christmas-themed cookie cutters. Hang several on the Christmas tree for an adorable candy theme, or to emphasize a country motif.


Step 3: Have a glitter ballTake Styrofoam balls of various sizes. Put glue into a bowl, dip the balls into the glue, and sprinkle with glitter. Place them onto wax paper to dry. Group several in a colorful bowl for a glittery holiday centerpiece.


Step 4: Frame the familyCut your favorite family or baby photos to fit inside canning lids. Apply a small amount of glue to keep each photo in place. Secure a small loop of ribbon to the back with glue. Hang several to create a "family tree."

Make digital copies of your favorite photos if you'd like to keep the originals intact.


Step 5: Create instant iciclesCut several 8-inch sections of wire ribbon in your choice of color. Twist the ribbon around a pencil. Push a pin to make a hole at one end, then slip a hook through the curly ribbon and decorate your tree. Each ornament you craft will help create a memory of this holiday for years to come!


Prevailing belief holds that Martin Luther, the German Protestant leader, originated the tradition of adding lights to Christmas trees in the 1500s.

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