Cách Chơi game Minesweeper - How To Play Minesweeper (có script)

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Learn the ins and outs of this popular -- and addictive -- computer game.


To complete this How-To you will need:

A computer
The Minesweeper program


Step 1: Start a new game

Start a new game. A grid of gray squares will appear.

Tip: Start on the easiest setting, and work your way up to harder settings.


Step 2: Click on a square

Left-click on any gray square. On a Mac, simply click on it. If there is a mine hidden under the square, you immediately lose the game. If there isn't a mine under the square, there will be a number -- one through eight --indicating how many mines are under the eight adjacent squares.


Step 3: Locate other safe squares

Determine safe squares by using the uncovered numbers. Lower numbers indicate fewer mines adjacent to that square. If the number is a "1," then there is only one mine around that square, and seven safe squares.


Step 4: Flag possible mines

Flag squares that you deduce are hiding mines by right-clicking on them. On a Mac, hit the option key at the same time you click the mouse.

Tip: Improperly flagging a square can cost you the game.


Step 5: Locate all the mines

Locate all the mines and uncover all the number squares to win the game and become the ultimate minesweeper.


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