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Have you been typing at computers for so long that your handwriting has become unreadable? Follow these steps to make your handwriting beautiful again.


To complete this How-To you will need:

Cursive samples in different fonts
A pen or pencil
Ruled paper
Tape (optional)


Step 1: Find a style you like

Decide how you'd like your handwriting to look. Study cursive samples or look at different fonts.


Step 2: Create a sample sentence

Write a sample sentence at the top of a sheet of paper, carefully emulating the writing style you've chosen.

Tip: Print the sentence in a chosen font and tape it to the top of a lined sheet of paper.


Step 3: Choose your writing tool

Select a pen or pencil that feels good in your hand. Consider thickness, grip, and how well it glides across a page.

Tip: Don't grip your instrument too tightly.


Step 4: Practice

Copy the sentence, again and again. Practice individual letters to master the details of that writing style.

Tip: Keep your neck, shoulders, and arms relaxed while you practice.


Step 5: Pick a new sentence

Pick a new sentence with different letters, and practice copying that sentence.


Step 6: Try different pens or pencils

Practice with other pens and pencils once you feel comfortable with this style.


Step 7: Watch your style transform

Watch your handwriting transform to a style you can take pride in. You may never go back to the computer!


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