Bài 7: Sức khỏe và việc tập thể dục. (có script)

In this new version of Lesson 7, we look at health and exercise.

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Hi everybody, this is Misterduncan in England. How are you today? Are yolu OK? I hope so! Are you happy? I hope so! In today's lesson we will take a look at two aspects of our lives. One is something we take for granted while it is there, but miss it terribly when it has gone. The other is an activity that we are all encouraged to do, but few of us seem to have the time to carry out. In this lesson we will take a look at HEALTH and EXERCISE.


When we talk about our health, we are actually describing two things. First we refer to our Physical Health, the way our body is functioning. How well is is working. How (well) all the different parts of your body are functioning.

Then we refer to our Mental Health, how each one of us feels emotionally. How we deal with all of the problems in our lives. How we see other people around us. How (well) we cope with the effects of worry and stress. It would be fair to say that there is a connection between physical and mental health and that they (both) have the ability to affect each other.

If you feel tired after any sudden activity, such as getting up from the sofa and walking a short distance or feeling out of breath after climbing a few stairs, then there is a good chance that are out of shape. You are unfit. You health is poor. You are unhealthy. Prolonged inactivity or situations where you are not moving around much,  such as sitting in front of the television, driving a car, or working in an office, may lead to you becoming unfit. The food you eat also decides how fit you are. Many of us eat far too much food containing fat and sugar, such as biscuits, burgers, cheese, chocolate and other types of so-called junk food. Over time you will gain weight and become obese. Your blood pressure will rise and your heart will be put under strain by all the extra body mass. You will find simple activities more exhausting. If your unhealthy lifestyle continues over a long period of time, you run the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and your heart will become weak.  Your chances of dying of a heart attack or stroke greatly increase if you are overweight.



There are many words connected to exercise such as Aerobics. Exercise that makes the heart beat fast from (through) constant body movement. We call this cardiovascular exercise.

Burn. This word is used to express the energy being used up during exercise.

Recreation. A general word for any exercise or leisure activity.

Keep Fit. The act of taking exercise or following a course of exercise routines.

Workout. A strenuous (tiring) exercise session focusing on certain parts of the body, such as the muscles in your arms, legs, chest, and abdomen.

There are many types of exercise for the body to perform and which one you do depend on how fit you are and what you are trying to achiee from the exercise. There is light exercise such as walking, stretching, or just generally moving about. If you do a job when you are always on the move, then you are not only working, you are keeping fit as well.

Then there is moderate exercise. A light jog or fast walk will make you sweat a little and it will provide a good session of exercise to make your heart work and help your joints stay flexible and supple.

Then there is vigorous or strenuous exercise. This is what really breaks you into a sweat. For example, A long run or jog will realy make your body work and you will be able to feel the effects of this exercise immediately. You can have (go for) a workout at a gym or health spa (health centre).

Lifting heavy objects such as weights , do not only keep you fit, they also help you to build up your body.

There are many simple exercises for keeping fit and healthy. The most popular ones include...walking. Yes, just go for a walk. Walk to the end of your street, then around the corner, across the field, up the hill and back down again. Walk in a big circle, around (through) the streets and along the roads. Keep on walking, until you arive back home.

Oh you can also jog. Jogging is quicker than walking, but not as fast as running. You can jog to the end of your street, then around the corner, across the filed, up the hill and back down again. Jog in a big circle, around (throught) the streets and along the roads. Keep on jogging until you arrive back home.

Or you can go for a run. Oh dear. Running is much faster (quicker) than jogging. It can make you feel very tired. So run to the end of your street, then around the corner, across the filed, up the hill and back down again. Run in a big circle (through) the streets and along the roads. Keep on running until you arrive back home!

The way you take car of your health depends on many different factors. The things you put in to your body, such as alcohol and cigarette smoke, have the ability to affect the way your body functions. Alcohol damages the brain and liver, while cigarettes cause damage to your lungs. The combination of both can lead to many forms of cancer. The phrase 'smoke and drink yourselft to death' is a very true one. Besides taking regulalr exercise, you must also ensure that you are getting enough rest. For example, by making sure that you are getting plenty of sleep each every night. The sleeping process allows your body unwind mentally while at the same time, recharging you physically.

One! Two! Three! It's okay, I'm just exercising my word-power. Please yourself. Believe it or not, it is possible to exercise too much. You can do too much exercise. If you work out too often, or try to push your body too far then you run the risk of causing damage to your muscles and joints. It is better to do a little over a short time, rather than a lot over a long time. Especially f you are not used to taking exercise. Just one hours exercise per day should be enough to keep you feeling fit. If you ever find yourselft feeling any pain or dizziness during exercise, then you should stop. For most people, daily moderate exercise, with a once or twice weekly workout will be sufficient. Remember! Overdoing exercise can be just as bad as not doing it enough.

There are many sports activities that can give you a vigorous workout and help keep you fit. Such as Badminton, Football, Squash, Tennis and Volleyball. Another great activity is Swimming which is good for giving you a relaxing all-over body workout as you float (and move) in the water. Without all that tiring muscle strain.

There has never been a time when the issue of health has been such a hot topic. Our hectic lifestyles and the need for that magic quick fix from a burger or a bar of chocolate has lead to an ever-growing proportion of us becoming unhealthy. Eating less and exercising more are both easier said than done. But just like anything, a habit can be changed or broken. With a litle determination and will power, it is possible to change the way you live and keep in shape. Just an hour a day, for a walk around the block or a couple of workout sessions per week at eh local gym can help you to stay as fit as a fiddle.

That's better!  Going out on a fine day for a spot of exercise is the best way (of kepping) to keep your body in a good condition. Of course you don't always have to do something strenuous or tiring to stay fit. Taking a brisk thirty minute walk at least once a day is a great way to stay in shape. If the weather is not good, then you can walk up and down the stairs in your house a few times. The important thing is to work your body and tire it out a little.

That is all from me for today. Stay healty and happy, until the next time we meet. This is Misterduncan in England saying thank you for watching me, teaching you and of course ta-ta for now.

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