Bài 8: Bạn bè (có script)

Misterduncan talks about friends and friendship. He also says hello to some of his online students in Spain! Thank you for watching...Chema and class in Mur...

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Hi everybody! This is Misterduncan in England. Welcome to another one of my English teaching videos. How are you today? Are you Ok? I hope so! Are you happy today? I hope so. In this lesson we're going to look at some words that mean Friends.


Friendship is very important. Infact in English we have a special saying that goes A friend in need is a friend indeed. It means that if a friend really needs your help that surely they must be a good friend indeed.


There are many words we can use to describe a friend. Of course we can say:

"Hello friend!"

"Hi friend"

"You're my best friend"


In The United States (USA) they often use the word "Bud" or "Buddy".

"Hi there, buddy"

"Hey bud! Waddup bud! Waddup buddy"

"Hi there, buddy. You're my best bud. Give me a big hug buddy"


Like that. Almost.


In the UK (United Kingdom), we often use the word "Mate".

"Ay, mate"

"Hey, mate"

"Ay, you're my best mate"

"Oh mate, I miss you mate"

"Oh, you're my best mate. Give me a hug. Come on"

"Oh, I really miss you mate"


Another word we use in UK is "Pal". P - A - L

"You're my best pal"

"You're my best pal. You're my bestest pal in the whole world"


Also, there's another word that we don't use very often anymore...uhmm..."Chum". C – H – U – M. It's a very old-fashioned word meaning friend. Young people many years ago used to describe their best friend as their Chum.


I would now like to say "Hello" to some of my new friends watching and listening to my videos in Spain, a very beautiful part of Spain in the South East call Murcia, and your teacher in that particular place is called Chema. Yes, it's you. That's it. Your teacher has told me all about you.


Infact, I know that your English is getting very very good. Partly, due to my videos some very very happy that you're watching my videos and can I say a very special "Hello" to you all.


I must apologize because my Spanish isn't very good so I should say "No hablon espanol" which mean "I speak no Spanish". I know some other words as well in Spanish like "Si – Yes", "No – No", "Por favor – Please".  And my favorite one which which oh I really love it "Ayuda" that's my favorite which mean "Help".


So can I say once again a very special "Hello" to Chema and all of the class who are watching my video right now. I've heard a lot about your lesson from your teacher and I hope that you're enjoying English and I really do a hope that you will continue watching my videos. I will do my best for you to improve your English.


That's all from me for now. I will say bye-bye and I hope that you will stay happy and cheerful. I suppose I should also say "Happy New Year" because... of course now it's is two thousand and eight. So I will go. I hope you enjoy my short lesson and "Hello" to all my friends in Murcia again. Take care. Bye for now. This is Mister Duncan in England saying.... 

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phong113 - 18/07/2011 17:48

It's easy to follow and it's useful.

Mr. Tin - 18/07/2011 17:53

Yeah. There you go...!!

monkey - 18/07/2011 21:54

useful and interesting!


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