Bài 13: Ngữ pháp (có script)

In this lesson we look at the hardest part of learning English...GRAMMAR!

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Hi everybody. This is Misterduncan in England. How are you today? Are you Ok? I hope so. Are you happy? I hope so! In this lesson we're going to talk about a part of English that causes many young learners of English to have difficulty. A part of English that is very scary, something that many students learning English tend to avoid. Today we're going to talk about Grammar!


What exactly is Grammar?

Grammar is the system that is built up by words, all with their own meaning and place within a sentence. The sentence is a result of composing these words in the correct order. Grammar is one of the hardest parts of learning English and is the main reason why many people give up studying English as a second language.


Grammar can be divided into eight sections:

Verbs    – words that describe an action. Doing Words

Nouns    – words that give a name to something. Naming Words

Adjectives    – words that add description to something. Describing Words

Adverbs    – words that add meaning to an action. Action Words

Pronouns    – words that show possessiveness and replacing nouns. Relate Words

Prepositions    – words that describe 'where' and 'when'. Placement Words

Conjunctions    – words that continue a sentence. Join Words

Interjections    – words that show emotional sounds. Exclaim Words


Examples of Verbs: act, bake, jump, open, push, run, speak, swim, throw, walk...

Examples of Nouns: cat, computer, dictionary, dog, egg, house, man, paper, water, woman...

Examples of Adjectives: big, cold, damp, fat, hairy, heavy, small, stupid, tall, weak...

Examples of Adverbs: loudly, fervent, slower, lazily, often, well, quitely, abruptly, constantly, faster...

Examples of Pronouns: hers, his, ours, some, their, who, you, yours...

Examples of Prepositions: at, during, for, from, in, of, on, since, to, with...

Examples of Conjunctions: also, and, but, for, or, so, though, yet...

Enxamples of Interjections: ah!, dear!, eh!, ehm!, oh!, uh!, um!...


How important is Grammar?

If you want to master the English language, then you will need to know how sentences are formed. However it is not the most important part of learning English. Remembering the meaning of words and expanding your vocabulary will always be the most important part of learning English. So try to relax and take it easy!

Remember, Grammar is not a set rule! Infact the English language is constantly changing os it is fair to say that Grammar will change too. Even if you are the greatest English speaker in the world, you will need to keep up to date with the new words and ways of speaking.


I hope you have found this lesson useful and interesting. This is Misterduncan in England saying...Thanks for watching and bye-bye for now.

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