Bài 16 - BRIDGES.

[Sorry for the double posting. It was necessary to upload this video again.] Topic: Common expressions about bridges. STUDENTS: A follow-up exercise to this ...

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gacondalon21000030 - 16/05/2012 20:04

i spent a lot of time in my home to learning enghlish, 3 months ago, and now i have a little vocabulary, so i think i need to improve the skill as listen enghlish more times, so i have a decide when i choose hellochao, i hope in nearly time i will better. thanks hello chao!!!

gacondalon21000030 - 16/05/2012 20:46

i thinks the movie very exciting, it teaching me many experience in my life, i hope the hellochao will have more video together topic is update every day, it will a nescessary eqipment for us when go out life!!

Tăng Long Hữu - 28/06/2012 06:10

Try your best!

Thanh Quan - 23/08/2012 22:44

i like this, and i want to find Lesson 1, any people help me, please!

Sugiayeuthuong - 30/09/2012 12:18


I think this is lesson 1 

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