US states song - how to remember all the names (plus lyrics to download)

This original song can help you remember the names of all 50 states of the USA. It may also go round your head in the middle of the night and make your teeth...

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By Andrew Ingram 2009

(tune: The Can-Can)

Here is, how you can remember
All the different state names
All you have to do
Is sing this song and

Then you never, ever will forget them
Even if you live un-
Til you are a hundred and thirteen.

Alabamy Florida
Alaska Kansas Oregon,
Pennsylvania Massachusetts Mississippi Minnesota

Arizona Colorado
Indiana Delaware
Akansas Connecticut, Maryland and Maine

Chorus 1
North Dakota! Tennessee and Idaho
South Dakota! Michigan New Mexico

Chorus 2
North Carolina! California Washington
South Carolina! West Virginiaaaa...

(new slower tune: That's Amore - chorus)

Ha-a-waii, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana...
Louisi-ana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont...

Okla-homa, Virginia, Nevada, Rhode Island, Wisconsin
Illi-nois, Georgia, I-owa, Texas , New York and Wyoming!
(and Utah)

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