12 Things I Wish My Students Knew [Learn to Read Right] Part 4 - YouTube

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Trần Thị Bích Lợi - 07/03/2012 23:40

Very useful!!!

WaitingforForever - 13/04/2012 23:44

khó nghe kinh trời..........người mới bắt đầu @@ kinh thật còn hơn người thâm niên ^^

WaitingforForever - 17/04/2012 11:11

12 Things I Wish My Students Knew [Learn to Read Right] Part 4 – YouTube

( Còn thiếu sót, ai nghe được bổ xung dùm mình rùi post lên nha, thanks )

The fourth thing is " Learn How to read ", I was strongly recommend that you're looking your nice (school)course where you live...............on speed reading............reading speed and take a course like that. Everything you learn can help, now in this course  I'll show you how to learn for contain and how to take an training manual, a....manual, a text book and how to remember all of the contain of it. But , hear something I would tell you write off about this, it's very important, uhm..take a  look that graphic, I want you dispend 10sec and memorize this code , now you look a this and don't  say " can be done and no one can do that", now look at " how I made up this code" you'll see how it on fits together, you see the big picture (pic), you see how the eight words may (A, B,C .....) .

The pointed that, one you see the big pic all the small staff fits together and when you come the text book, what should you do is look at the very first the title or the charter and say " this is what they want me to learn".

Now go on, read the last paragraph, how would end ? and you find the answer usually the summary "how would they talk you and that charter" , read it down then you can say........ .So reading ending them go through......the heading or the sub-heading and may be even the first sentence are very paragraph and when you got the big pic, when you got the big pic, all of little.... fall in this place, then go back to look at the sidebare, diagrams and what you find, is it now ? you ready to start reading that charter, that teacher, I talk with that, that's  school i teach. And he said " he didn't have time, onesome body taking the course and had this text book.........I don't have enough time to do it, i just can read the heading, read the last paragraph, read all the sub-heading, exactly what i plane, he said " he get the best mart he's ever had in any course" I'm not saying that's all he have to do, and that's very powerful to take .....and got the big pic first then read slowly and fluent paragraph, say back what you've learnt, can you say it back then write note in summary of  what you learn. Now that is in short  thing you need to know about read.

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