5 động từ trong tiếng Anh: Blather, Croon, Doze, Guzzle, Scribble (có script)

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- blather: listen or talk

Going Rate for Talking Head Blather Approaching Zero

blather: to talk continuously about things that are silly or unimportant


- croon: dance or sing

Lady Gaga may croon next James Bond theme song for Daniel Craig

croon: to sing sth quietly and gently


- doze: sleep or study

Create a calm place to doze away.

doze: sleep lightly


guzzle: drink or watch

Science: Bottle-Fed Babies Guzzle Themselves Obese

guzzle (informal, usually disapproving): to drink sth quickly and in large amounts


scribble: read or write

Our son/daughter likes to scribble everywhere and bite crayons frequently.

scribble: write or draw carelessly or hurriedly

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