Tìm hiểu về 5 tính từ: Fleeting, Portly, Straightforward, Sweltering, Woeful (có script)

A quick look at five English adjectives. Did you already know these words? I found all of the example sentences by searching online.

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- fleeting: long or short
For all of us, we need to take away from this sad and tragic time period the reminder that life is fleeting.

fleeting(adj): lasting for a very short time, 


- portly: fat or thin

However, the suit could not distract from his slightly portly figure and grey hair - a far cry from his role as Joey Tribbiani in hit U.S. TV show Friends.
portlyadj (especially of a man): rather fat


- straightforward: difficult or easy
Here Are The Five Straightforward Tips To Get Fast Money Loans
straightforward(adj): easy to do or understand


- sweltering: cold or hot
It's the end of another sweltering August week, but the initial signs of hockey's return are starting to appear.
sweltering (adj): oppressively hot and humid


- woeful: bad or good
The boss of Tesco has delivered a stinging attack on Labour's education record and described school standards as 'woeful'.
woeful (adj): very bad or serious; that you disapprove of

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