Thành ngữ tiếng Anh về "Football" (có Script)

In this video the Teacher becomes a football player and teaches you these three idioms: The kick off Moving the goalposts A political football

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Hello. I am a very interesting and intelligent footballer, and today the sport of football and I again together to teach you some English idioms.


I bet you've never been taught by the sport of football before.

That's right. It's time for kick off in today's match lesson.

In English if we're speaking informally, we can call the start of any events not just the sport match,

=> "The kick-off". The kick–off  = start of an event


Oh, my boss. He's not very happy with me. He said I was late for a meeting yesterday. He tells me kick–off was at 12 o'clock. But when I arrived he said I was an hour late.

That's right. He's always moving the goalposts.

In English, if someone changes the rules while we're trying to do something to make it harder.

=> we say that "Moving the goalposts".


Like that time, I told my students to prepare for a vocabulary test and then gave them a grammar exam...haha...I really move the goal posts. They hated me so much....hahahaha....

Parliament. This is where politicians come to argue. They're arguing about my lesson. One of the polical parties wants to keep them going while the other party wants to bang them.

That's right. It's a "Political football".

In English, when politicans from different parties argue about something and try to get the advantages for themselves,

=> we can say it's a "Political football".


Right. I'm off to win the cup

Bình luận

Mr. Tin - 13/08/2011 17:37

It's great and funny...!!

Dung Dịu Dàng - 13/08/2011 22:19

đúng thật là really funny

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